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What gun should I get for...

When choosing a gun I always start with 1 very important question.

"What is the PURPOSE of THIS gun?" Or as the military puts it "Gun choice is mission specific."

That 1 question then leads to more detailed questions. Is THIS gun intended for EDC (Everyday Carry)? Or is it for Home Defense? How large is the home? Urban or Rural area? Concealed Carry or Open Carry for required Duty? Close Range, or Midrange, or Long Range? 1 Target or Multiple targets? What ammunition capacity might I need to complete my task? Is this for human deadly threats, or for hunting deer, or elk, or coyotes, etc.

The 12 gauge shotgun with a 28 barrel" loaded with 1-ounce deer slugs used for deer hunting wouldn't be my best option for a concealed carry gun. Makes sense right!

Once these important questions are answered I then can choose a suitable tool for the specific task. Choose the right tool for the job.

My photo is my typical EDC (Everyday Carry) for Concealed Carry. It's 9mm. It's IDEALLY intended for self defense against 1-2 armed bad guys.

If I know there will be an entire gang of armed bad guys trying to kill me this small handgun wouldn't be my top pick. There are better suited tools to defend oneself against multiple armed assailants such as a semi-auto rifle, RPG, M203 grenade launcher with 40mm grenades, M134 minigun, flame thrower, etc. "Red Light!" #squidgames

Ideally I'd have access to other guns that are better suited for concealed carry/personal protection, tasks such as Home Defense, Deer Hunting, etc. This is what leads gun owners to starting gun collections. Different tasks require different tools. Food for thought. #RideOrDieGunTraining #purpose #mission #ccw #homedefense

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