Basic CCW Course

This class meets the training requirements necessary to obtain a Handgun Concealed Carry permit for Ohio, Florida, and many other states. (Non-approved NRA course)

  1. To view our upcoming course dates please visit our Facebook page and view Events (Facebook is located at the bottom of our pages).

  2. Class Location: Cincinnati area. Shooting portion: We will drive to our local INDOOR range (convenient location ).

  3. Price: Payment method in class - Cash or credit card only. Using our gun & ammo. $120                    

  4. Bringing your own ammo and gun?  $100                 

  5. Make $50 deposit to reserve spot in class (after confirming date with the instructor).

  6. Please bring your unloaded handgun to class & leave your ammo in the car!

  7. #1 priority in class is safety! Fun is #2!

  8. Pack a lunch, snacks, & plenty of water/juice for class.

  9. Private groups may elect to have class taught at their business location, including conference rooms, churches, etc. Contact us for more info. 
    Group discounts available.

You may also pay with Cash App & Venmo Cash App! Please contact us to do so.

Cincinnati OH CCW Pistol Training, Advanced & Tactical CCW Training, Rifle & Shotgun Training

NRA Basic Pistol Course - $125

Please contact us if you'd like to schedule this course as a private group.

Youth Gun Safety Course - $65/child 

In addition to Gun Safety training we will also cover basic safety information regarding active shooters who target schools.

This course is 100% classroom (no live firing, due to liability risks). In the future we will offer a course to graduates of our Gun Safety Course and go to the shooting range for live firing (accompanied by their legal guardian).  


Donate to Youth course! We will use 100% of the funds donated to teach more youth gun safety courses via in person or online, free of charge to as many youth as donations allow.

You may also pay with Cash App & Venmo Cash App! Please contact us to do so.