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Active Shooter Training Tips

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Current events within the past 2 weeks 2 "good guys with guns" tried to stop a bad guy with a gun. Subsequently both GOOD gunmen were immediately shot by police and murdered. Both GOOD gunmen were African American. Unfortunately in both scenarios "GOOD guy with a gun" didn't work for them.

There needs to be a change in law enforcement training to consider CCW licensees, possibly being the 1st responders to active shooters (BAD guys with guns). More than likely it will not happen.

Below are tips & information that we HOPE can minimize this kind of risk, and hopefully keep the "good guy with a gun" ALIVE.

Active Shooter Training Tips for the Plainclothes Civilian CCW Licensee

  1. ANYONE NOT wearing a law enforcement uniform is viewed as a potential threat.

  2. ANYONE NOT in a law enforcement uniform & carrying a weapon in hand is viewed as an imminent & deadly threat. Proceed with extreme caution.

  3. Plainclothes officers run into the same risk. They may not be wearing their badge, or uniformed officers may not see their badge displayed on their belt or neck, only seeing the fact that they are armed and not in a police uniform.

  4. Do NOT hunt for an active shooter in a public facility! This is the job of uniformed law enforcement officers. They identify each other as the only "good guys with guns." You, plainclothes civilian "good guy with a gun" are not 1 of them. Re-read #1. Uniformed officers will sweep the facility, find all threats, stop all threats, including YOU.

  5. As a plainclothes civilian CCW licensee your sole duty is to save yourself! Save yourself, save your family, get to safety immediately, and live to see another day. The end.

  6. If you are directly in the line of fire of an active shooter defend yourself.

  7. ​Next step is to immediately get to solid cover. This protects you from the bad guys with guns, and also "the guys with guns", uniformed officers responding to the call, and other CCW licensees.

  8. Visually scan for additional threats, gunmen, cops, etc. Also listen to your surroundings.

  9. If you see or hear police officers drop your gun immediately! Do not wait for a verbal command from them to drop your weapon. They may or may not give you a verbal warning. If you see them drop your gun immediately and put your hands up!

  10. Communication is extremely important. If there are people around communicate loudly to them "CCW licensee! I'm not a threat! Do not shoot me!"

  11. Communicate to them to tell the police and 911 the same exact thing about you, plus your physical description, and the clothes that you are wearing.

  12. ​If possible call 911 yourself. Put the phone on speaker and sit it down. Communicate to 911 the same exact thing.

  13. When uniformed officers arrive they are on a seek & destroy mission. Some of them (not all of them) have the "shoot first, ask questions later mentality. Re-read #1. Good communication to them, bystanders, and 911 increases your chances of survival. It may also prevent a misunderstanding with other CCW licensees already on the scene.

There are no perfect scenarios, nor perfect training for dynamic real life events. Every event is unique in its own way. Never stop training, advancing your skills, and knowledge. It's also important to take a basic TCCC approved medical course. Stay safe everyone.

Disclaimer - This article is our personal & professional opinion. We do not speak for the employers, agencies, and departments for which we work for. We speak solely for RideOrDie Gun Training LLC.

We are not attorneys. We cannot provide legal advice. For legal advice contact a licensed attorney.

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