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NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course - $350 total.

This is a 2 day Instructor level course.  

Pre-requisites that must be met prior to attending this course:

  • Pass the NRA Basic Pistol Course online. Proof of passing grade must be sent to me. (90% grade or higher)

  • Prior formal training with handguns. Examples -  Pistol competitor such as USPSA or IDPA, NRA PPITH or NRA PPOTH, completed tactical pistol training, an Advanced CCW Course, OPOTA (law enforcement) firearms certification, U.S. military DD-214 showing qual with small arms or pistol, etc. Since the intent of most candidates who take this course is to teach & certify people for the state CCW course I prefer candidates to have completed at least 1 Advanced pistol course prior to attending this Instructor level course. Reason being a CCW course is MORE than simply teaching someone the Basics of shooting a handgun. An instructor teaching a CCW course is giving a training introduction of how to fight with a handgun. There is a difference! Above are examples of acceptable advanced training. Contact me if you have training in question that is not listed above.

  • You must be very knowledgeable & skilled with handguns, semi-auto and revolvers.

  • This is not a beginners course. 

Please view our FB page for a course schedule, or to contact us to schedule a private group class for this course.

Click here to view upcoming schedule and/or reserve your seat now!

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