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Active Shooter Training

We will assist you with:

  1. Planning - Developing & having a solid response plan is very important. 

  2. Execution - Practice executing the plan in mock drills.

  3. Risk analysis - Understanding the risks & the potential threats.

  4. Prevention - Preventing an attack is easier than stopping an attack.

  5. Securing your facility and turning a "soft" target into a "hard" target.

  6. Many additional strategies & techniques unique to our group.

  7. Unarmed defense against gunmen (intro to force on force training & close quarters empty hand self defense)

Security Team Consultation

We will provide training similar to our Active Shooter Training, but in addition we provide:

  1. Advanced unarmed (empty hand) self defense training. This is ideal for those who prefer an unarmed security team.

  2. Advanced armed self defense training. This training is more advanced than any Basic CCW/Pistol course. Basic courses are nothing more than an introduction to learning gun safety, parts of a gun, basics of marksmanship, etc. In advanced training the focus is practical application drills, training to win a gunfight.

  3. Set qualification standards. Far too many organizations simply choose their security team based on the wrong criteria, that can cost lives.

    1. We will vet your security team once training is complete. ​We set a bar (similar to law enforcement officers qualification) and each member is required to qualify with a passing score. The results are based on their skills & knowledge. This way you will know who on your team is truly qualified and up for the tasks! 

    2. Re-qualification exams (similar to law enforcement standards). Semi-annual or annually the team is required to re-qualify, just as law enforcement officers do. 

    3. Continuing education. Rideordie will continue to challenge them, creating new courses to further tests and build their defensive skills & knowledge.

    4. Custom consultation. Your organization creates a list of unique security needs & topics and Rideordie will work with our team to provide you with practical & tactical solutions.

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