Joe Porter

  • Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

  • Certified NRA Training Counselor (an Instructor's Instructor)

  • Combat Pistol Course (16 hours) - Handgun Combatives (Dave Spaulding - 36 year law enforcement vet, SWAT Training Officer, FBI SWAT School grad, and more.)

  • Certified and trained by the late Carl "Bud" Moore (NRA Training Counselor, certified in many disciplines), Navy veteran, formerly of Weyer Tactical

  • Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting - Greg Ellifritz (Certified Law Enforcement Instructor at Active Response Training & Tactical Defense Institute 17 years)

  • Naval Special Warfare Skills & Drills (16 hours) - Tactical Rifle (MALC Training Institute; Instructor Kenneth Bigbee Jr. - U.S. Navy Seal vet)

  • Extreme Gunfighter (16 hours Intense Advanced Rifle & Pistol Course) - MALC Training Institute; Instructor Chief Warrant Officer James Gibson (23 years US Army, 8 yrs SWAT LEO); Assistant Instructor - Scott Wealing (US Army Ranger-LRS, 15 yrs US military vet, DoD Contractor, Exec Protection Services)

  • Certified in Advanced Concealed Carry, Tier 2 Training (Instructor Chris Cravens, Marines Sgt Infantry vet)

  • Certified in Tactical Carbine (Rifle), Tier 2 Training (Instructor Chris Cravens, Marines Sgt Infantry vet)

  • Force on Force Shooting (Simunitions), Tier 2 Training

  • Trained with several veteran/active U.S. military personnel (including team members in Special Operations) and law enforcement (including SWAT team members and Certified OPOTA instructors) in advanced pistol and rifle

  • Trained in Basic Precision rifle (close range to 300 yards) by MRPC members & Camp Perry Competitors

  • IDPA competitor (International Defensive Pistol Assoc.)

  • Younger years practitioner of MMA (including Golden Gloves boxing, muay thai kickboxing, Tang Soo Do Karate.)

  • Stop the Bleed (Basic Trauma Training) 3X (UC Hospital Med Staff, Trauma Surgeon MD, Cincinnati FD

  • Extreme violence survivor having personally survived & defended against many armed & unarmed conflicts at close range. Some encounters have been published in Combat Handguns Magazine.

  • Extensively training with firearms since 2004

What inspired the company name? RideOrDie is hip-hop/Generation-X slang for the fight or flight concept. Our motto: "When innocent lives are at risk we can Ride into battle or do nothing and die for sure! For us the choice is easy, RIDE!"

Terrence Forte

  • Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

  • 28 years Cincinnati Police Dept (recently retired) 

  • 5 years in Cincinnati PD working in Narcotics Task Force/Undercover

  • Certified A.L.I.C.E. Instructor (Active Shooter Course)

  • Attended various tactical law enforcement courses at Tactical Defense Institute, O.P.O.T.A, and other Qualified Law Enforcement Instructors

  • Certified - Patrol Rifle Qualification

  • Extreme violence survivor having personally survived & defended against many armed & unarmed conflicts at close range while on duty.

  • 7th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate. 45+ years in martial arts training.

"Civilians should be knowledgeable about gun laws in their area. It's also a good idea for legally armed civilians to know how to deal with law enforcement properly. The goal is for everyone to be safe & close the gap between civilians & law enforcement." - Terrence Forte

Frequent guest instructors - 

Officer Jesse - Law Enforcement Officer in OH, OPOTA Certified Firearms Instructor

Deputy James - Law Enforcement Officer in OH, MMA practitioner, 2nd degree black belt Taekwondo Karate